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Gift Card for Aerial House Photography & Video

£195.00 (inc VAT)

Aerial House Photography – £195

Enter the recipient’s information below. Use the ‘To’ field below to have the card emailed to the recipient directly or enter your own email to have the virtual gift card details sent to you instead – great for having the information to enter in a physical greeting card, or to print and present to the recipient in person. More information in the description section lower down the page.

We add a travel fee to the purchase for house locations that are outside our immediate catchment area – use the ‘Checkout Shipping Location‘ (i.e. where the photography will take place) to determine any travel fee amount. When checking out, the ‘Shipping Address’ is the location to be photographed address, and the billing address is the purchaser’s billing address details.

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How to Purchase a Gift Card

The process of buying a gift card for someone is very straight forward. Complete the recipient’s details with the the name you want it made out to along with the greeting message and who it is from i.e. RECIPIENT: ‘Jane’ or ‘Dad’… MESSAGE: ‘ Happy Birthday from all of us…” FROM: ‘ Love Mum and Dad’

You have the option to send the gift card directly to the recipient by entering their email address and to select the date in the future to have it sent i.e. for a future birthday or anniversary, you can also have it sent instantly. If you prefer to have the gift card details sent to you – the purchaser – then just enter your email address in the TO email address field, the virtual gift card will be sent directly to you. This is a great way to get the Gift Card details for entering into a physical greeting card or for printing out on specialist paper to be presented to the recipient in person.

Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date or purchase.

How to redeem the Gift Card

The gift card details the type of session that has been purchased and the eCard will hold the value purchased. Once the recipient is ready to redeem the card and book the session they simply select the service from our online catalogue on our ‘Redeem Page‘ and enter the Gift Card reference number when booking. The gift card value will be used to reduce or clear the purchase amount.  Gift card balances can be checked at any time on the ‘Redeem Page‘.


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